Writing Prompts

I used to love writing prompts.  I didn’t always do a great job with them, but they almost always got me thinking—usually about how I could mess with the word or image given to make the story mine.

I’ve gotten out of the habit of writing using prompts.  My old writing group disbanded a while ago, and I miss it, and haven’t been able to find another.  I’ve been reading writing prompts at The Writer magazine for a while, but none of them have really done it for me.

I don’t want a group of words to choose from or a situation already set up for me  to incorporate in a story; I want ONE word or ONE picture.  I don’t want to be led; I want something that will evoke a feeling in me, that will let my mind wander and make a story.

So I’m trying to figure out what I should do—should I form a new writing group?  And if so, should I do it here on my blog, or should I form a group on Facebook?  If so, how should it be run?

Anyone interested, or any ideas?  Please let me know!


2 responses to this post.

  1. I wish I were creative enough to be prompted to generate stories, but I guess I’m an essayist at heart. Today I was inspired by a coworker’s musing, “with talent comes responsibility?”


  2. I would definitely not say that you’re not creative enough, Diana! Would you consider taking part in a prompt to see if you could do it? And are you writing an essay on that statement? (I’d love to see it, if so!) Also, you’re writing a poem every day for the rest of the month…I think you have plenty of creativity in you.


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