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I’m baaack!

Hello, everyone!

I’m sorry that I went missing for a bit.  I seem to have gone from posting relatively cheery (well, for me) posts to lashing-myself posts, so I needed to take some time off.  Thanks to all of my friends who sent me messages telling me that once again, I’ve taken on too much.  It was very helpful to have that outside perspective, because I sometimes think I CAN do it all—from taking on three freelance jobs at once to trying to get my daughter into a great middle school to overseeing homework for two kids to spending time with my husband to finishing up two writing projects AND updating my blog three times a week.  Doing all this, I’ve come to realize, is practically impossible.

But it’s all about priorities, isn’t it?  Right now, my priorities are as follows: Getting Kade into a middle school that will make her happiest, spending time with my family, getting those freelance projects in, writing, and blogging.

To complicate this list, though, are my feelings about Occupy Wall Street and the Christian Left.  I don’t want to turn this space into a political one, so I’ll just add that I’ve recently discovered that my beliefs are closely tied to social justice.  And this has made me really happy.

I’ve also discovered that, although in years past, NaNoWriMo has contributed to my shutting down in November, this will no longer be the case.  For those of you who don’t know, National Novel Writing Month is time spent writing a first draft without stopping, with 50,000 words as the goal.  The thought of powering through a draft without stopping gives me the shivers, quite frankly.  (And please, my friends who DO participate in NaNo, please do not come in here to comment on why I should try it.  It just ain’t gonna happen for me!)

What I may have finally figured out is that I need to keep writing regularly.  Sounds pretty self-evident, doesn’t it?  And “regularly” for me might be two pages a day.  Or maybe it’ll be two pages every other day.  I’m going to take the “slow and steady wins the race” approach.

Until next time, friends!


Promises, promises…

So it’s Friday again, and guess what?  My grade for this week is a D.  Possibly a D-.

I’ve been horrible about updating here because of some work deadlines.  I’m going to love the money once it arrives, but my projects killed my writing this week.  I made some big promises last week—that I was going to finish my story (nope), that I was going to post about some exciting submissions & contests (nope), and that I was going to write about some new and interesting twists in self-pub vs. traditional pub (nope).

So for this week, this is what I’d like to accomplish: I’d like to find some time to write/figure out my writing time.  I’d like to finish another scene or two, or at least figure out what’s getting me stuck in the one I’ve been stuck in for too long.  I’d like to put together a post about those contests, and I’d like to submit a story  this week.  I’d like to find some time to read about the industry so I can figure out what I think about what’s going on in the big, wide world.

Wish me luck!

Coming soon!

I couldn’t handle my usual Monday post—I’m sorry!  I had a fantastic weekend of actually leaving my neighborhood.  This included a visit to the Brooklyn Museum of Transportation, a trip to Manhattan see X (the band), and a walk through the Atlantic Antic street fair.  I also worked between the fun.

I’m still working away, so I’ll be back a little later on in the week.  I’ve seen a lot of good listings for contests and submissions, and I’m working on a post about that.  I read an interesting piece about a new possibility for those still trying to decide where they fit in the traditional pub/self-pub world, and I’m sure I could blab about that for a while.  However, before I get to any kind of posting, I’d like to get some writing time in.  I’m so happy that I’ve missed it.

I’ll be back soon!