Please stand by…

I’m going to take off this week from posting.  I’m still writing and submitting and working away—but I’m just too darn tired to post about it all the time.

I’m hopeful that this will all change by next week.

In the meantime, here are my favorite couple of sentences I’ve written recently:

“As for becoming a stepmother—my stepmother—I’m not sure how much thought she gave the idea.  I became her project.  She treated me as if I were a garage that needed cleaning out so she could turn me into a craft room.”


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  1. i love the paragraph. I have to send you a sentence from the most crap free kindle book i’ve read yet. YOU WILL LOVE/HATE IT!! xoxo


    • Thanks, Amy! I cannot wait to see this sentence—I wonder whether I will love or hate it! xoxo


      • In true Jeannine fashion, I couldn’t just leave those sentences as-is. I’ve edited them twice since I’ve posted them. And this, my friends, is why it will take me years to complete a project.


        • Posted by diana on September 28, 2011 at 1:42 pm

          Haha, that endless urge to revise is perhaps the reason deadlines between editors and writers were invented. Anyway,I have been thinking about your paragraph, too, and it’s none of my business! Just curious–did you change “I’m not sure how much thought she gave” to something like “I’m sure she didn’t give the idea much thought”? The reason I ask is that I was mulling over possible reasons for the narrator’s uncertainty. (In case you’ve ever wondered what kind of side track an attention-different person might wander off to. Perhaps I should specify a word-obsessed, editorially oriented, attention-different person.)


          • Ha! I love you and your word-obsessed, editorially-oriented, attention-different personality, Diana! That’s actually not something I’d changed, but I’m sure I’ll be mulling over that sentence—though as of right now, I like it. I’d changed the second and third sentences to streamline them a bit more, and then I re-edited them.

    • Posted by Amy on October 3, 2011 at 2:38 pm

      Ugh, I can’t find the sentence anymore because it’s buried in all the other totally crap sentences. Honestly, Jeannine, I know you’re busy but if you ever have spare time and need a laugh/cringe fest you MUST download Wrapped in a Rainbow. Yes, it’s that bad, and it’s probably still free.


      • Oh, my, Amy! I almost choked when I read that title, because…why, that’s the name of MY book!

        No–I kid. But based on principle, I don’t think I could ever download a book called Wrapped in a Rainbow.


  2. Awesome writing Jeannine. I’m impressed, again.


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