Friday Grading Time

It’s Friday again!  Yippee!  This week didn’t drag like last week did, and I accomplished quite a bit.  Yay, me!

I turned over another two jobs, so I only have one more to go, and that means that I get another free weekend.  I seem to have gotten the kids into some sort of back-to-school routine, and I’ve begun one for myself, too.

I’ve found something that really works for me as far as getting writing done, and it’s so simple: I turn off the TV after watching for a little bit.  It’s so easy to get into that routine of making dinner, checking homework, making sure the kids are clean and getting them into bed, and then…zoning out while watching TV.  And then the night’s gone.

I don’t think I’m really going to miss that zoning-out time, because I’ve made it easy on myself.  I haven’t done it as an all-or-nothing type plan—I give myself some time to zone out, but then I get to work.  This week, I finished a scene and a half in my short story, and I have the next three scenes planned.  I even started thinking about what the scene in my novel needs, and I’m formulating a plan for that one, too.

But I didn’t fulfill my goal of finishing that second scene, so for this week, I’m going to give myself an A-.


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