Submit to…Monday

A whole lot of good new listings!

One Story

I love, love, LOVE this magazine and its premise—one story per issue.  Their mission is to “save the short story by publishing in a friendly format that allows readers to experience each story as a stand-alone work of art and a simple form of entertainment.”

Writer’s Digest Short Story Contest

I love Writer’s Digest magazine, and I love that each entry receives a personal critique.

The Broken City 

The submission should deal with the theme “This is why I drink.”  Sounds pretty fun, or pretty depressing, depending on your PoV.

Crazy Horse

Another journal I love.  The editors are especially interested in original writing that engages in the work of honest communication. We always ask “What’s at stake in this writing?” “What’s reckoned with that’s important for other people to read?”

Esquire’s Short Short Story Contest

This one is definitely a challenge—a short, short fiction contest.  Each entry can only contain 78 words (in honor of Esquire’s 78th birthday).


2 responses to this post.

  1. So do you submit to these?


  2. Most of these? No–but they’re journals I *hope* to submit to. I’ve submitted stories to One Story, Glimmer Train, Narrative, and American Short Fiction before…and I’ve received some encouraging rejections. (Or as encouraging as they can be for rejections–I’ve gotten some requests not to give up!)

    I’ve been gathering up the names of journals and any interesting contests I see and posting them for my other writer friends. I think that one of my weekend tasks is going to be submitting a story once a week. Yikes! Wish me luck!


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